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  APWG North American Spring 2005 Meeting
San Jose, CA - May 31 and June 1, 2005
Meeting Logistics

This APWG North American Spring 2005 Meeting and most all related research discussions and presentations for it will be held in the San Jose Marriott Hotel at 301 South Market Street in San Jose, CA. Count on two days of presentations, discussions, rountables and APWG sub-committee meetings starting at noontime on May 31.

The main plenary presentations will start on Tuesday the 31st and run into the mid-evening, followed by the usual APWG rump sessions. The next morning, Wednesday, June 1, the APWG sub-committees will convene to discuss projects and events in development since our last North American plenary session last fall at the Secret Service HQ in Washington, DC .

The Anti-Phishing Working Group has partnered with the producers of INBOX:IT – the Email Event to bring APWG members an expanded APWG North American Spring 2005 conference event combining the traditional APWG plenary sessions’ exclusive presentations with INBOX programming.

For the first time, vendor exhibition spaces [details at the bottom of this memorandum] that our sponsors have been asking for APWG to provide for them at the APWG’s general meetings will be available concurrently with the APWG General Meeting. There is a fee for this meeting.

To Register for APWG Member Meeting retrieve the discount registration code - available at this members' site page and go to to complete the conference registration. You will be be asked to make your selection from:

$ 145 = APWG meeting + half-day INBOX:IT Conference Pass
$ 375 = APWG meeting + one-day INBOX:IT Conference Pass
$ 495 = APWG meeting + two-day / full INBOX:IT Conference Pass

NOTE: Interlopers who’ve intercepted the special registration code will find their registration applications returned as APWG organizers will vet all registrants using that code against their own members’ lists. Just join if you haven't already. The APWG is famously welcoming. Check out membership rules and benefits at: Membership is open to qualified financial institutions, corporations, law enforcement agencies, public policy groups, solution vendors and, by invitation, visiting scholars

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The The San Jose Marriott is in central San Jose and is easily accessible by car from all major autoroutes, as well as from the San Jose and San Francisco airports.

The San Jose Marriott's website is here:

Location, Transport and Accommodation Logistics

The San Jose Marriott is the venue for the entire APWG plenary meeting and the INBOX conference.

301 South Market Street
San Jose, California 95113
408.280.1300 - telephone
408.280.0212 - fax

The INBOX people have negotiated a discounted room rate for the APWG plenary and their own conference goes. The rooms have all the amenities you'll need to make your stay for INBOX an enjoyable one.

To reserve your room at the INBOX event rate of $165/night, please call the reservations desk and ask for the INBOX group rate.


To book your airfare at discounted INBOX group rates, please call our exclusive air agency;
Travel Technology Group at 1-800-234-1446.
For online reservations, click HERE and you'll be directed to the Travel Technology Group website.

Access to and from the hotel conveniently accommodates all forms of travel:
* By Air: San Jose International Airport is located within 3 miles.
* By Automobile: Highway 101 and three Interstates — 680, 280, and 880 — offer interchange access to downtown San Jose.
* By Train: Caltrain connects to the Light Rail Transit System with a stop located outside the hotel.

Working Agenda for the North American Spring 2005 General Meeting

Tuesday, Day 1, May 31

The APWG Plenary Session Convenes with Lunch in the Ballroom from 12:00 to 1:30

Presentations for the General Session Begin at 1:30 and Run to 6:00 PM

Presenter Segment & Presentation Topic
GeoTrust Luncheon
APWG Chairman David Jevans and Secretary General Peter Cassidy Introduction, APWG Update, Session Rules & Conference Overview
Session Crimeware Rising:
Proliferation & Mutation
Dan Hubbard, Websense Crimeware Spawning
Anna Stepanov,
McAfee AVERT Labs
Bots and Packers:
The New Polymorphism
Joe Stewart, LURHQ, Inc. DNS-Based Phishing Attacks
Present & Future
Session Perspectives on
Authenticated Communications
GeoTrust and Adobe A Document-Centric View of Authenticated Communications
Yurong Lin, Deepnet Technologies RSS as a Customer Communication
Alternative to Email
Session eCrime & Law Enforcement
Kawika Doguio,
Northeastern University
Back to the Future of
Private Policing of Financial Crime
Kimberly Keifer, US Department of Justice OPERATION: FIREWALL
Takedown of the
Shadowcrew Criminal Enterprise
Session Prevention, Response & Education
Richard A Parry,
JP Morgan Chase
Remote Channel Risk Management for Financial Services
Aaron Emigh, Radix Labs Force of Habit: How Users Learn To Be Phished AND What We Can Do About It
Session Decompression
APWG and Friends Rump Sessions,
Refreshments & Card Exchanges

Wednesday, Day 2, June 1

The APWG Sub-Committees Convenes in the early morning, forgive us, starting at 7:45 AM and running through to 8:45 AM, followed immediately by phishing-related panels that we are coordinating with the Inbox program [See panel notes below]. Some committees, like Education and Repository, have a lot to talk about so contact the chairs to get a heads-up on those committees' agendas and see sub-committee grid below.

The sub-committees have been assigned to the following rooms.

Sub-Committee Meeting Room
Best Practices
Meeting Chair: TBA
Subjects: TBA
San Carlos
Meeting Chair: Fran Maier, TRUSTe
Subjects: Consumer Ed Campaign and June 13 Summit Agenda and Goals
San Carlos
Future Threat Models and Forensics
Meeting Chairs: Dan Hubbard, Websense & Peter Cassidy, APWG
Subjects: APWG Crimeware Index
Willow Glen 2
Phishing Data Repository
Meeting Chair: Dave Jevans, APWG
Subjects: Repository and feeds technical development program, research partners and contributors
Willow Glen 2
Sizing the Problem
Meeting Chair: TBA
Subjects: TBA
Willow Glen 3
Solutions Evaluation & Deployment
Meeting Chair: Phillip Hallam-Baker, Verisign
Subjects: DNS Exploit Solutions in Development
Willow Glen 3
Working with Law Enforcement & Legislatures
Meeting Chair: TBA
Subjects: TBA
Willow Glen 3

The APWG and Inbox are co-producing two panels as part of the security track at the Inbox event. The first, "eCrime Calling," convenes at 9 AM, right after the sub-committee meetings. The second, "Netting the Phishg Mail" convenes at 11. Abstracts and the names of the panels are listed below.

Time APWG/Inbox Panel Panelists
9: 00 AM eCrime Calling: The Latest Email-based
Phishing Attacks (with APWG)
MODERATOR: Peter Cassidy, Secretary General, The Anti Phishing Working Group
Scott Chasin, Chief Technology Officer, MX Logic.
Dan Hubbard, Senior Director of Security and Technology Research, Websense
Jonathan Oliver, Ph.D., Director of Research, MailFrontier
Oliver Friedrichs, Senior Manager - Security Response Center, Symantec Corporation
Abstract Expert representatives and investigators from the Anti-Phishing Working Group present the latest data and examples of the growing sophistication of attacks. They discuss those and provide a framework for understanding the larger threasts that are menacing your customers' and your enterprise's inboxes.  
11: 00 AM Netting the Phish Mail: Counter-phishing
Solutions, Established and Avant Garde
Abstract Counter-crime measures for detecting and deflecting phish mail into the enterprise and out to the customers. Expert representatives and investigators from the Anti-Phishing Working Group look over the relevant counter-phishing schemes that have appeared in the marketplace over the past few years: faux domain registration detection, email authentication, email filtering, web filtering, consumer toolbars and authentication systems. MODERATOR: Dave Jevans, Chairman, APWG
Kate Trower, Associate Product Manager, Earthlink
Daniel T. Dreymann, Founder & SVP, Product Management, Goodmail Systems
Eli Katz, VP of Professional Services, 41st Parameter
Pat Cain, Principal, Cooper-Cain Group
Exhibition Opportunities for the APWG General Meeting and Inbox

APWG member companies are eligible for a 15% discount off Tabletop display pricing or 20% off any of the available marketing opportunities. Please note, the rates listed below are available only to APWG members.

Tabletop Displays Make an impact
Media Sponsorships at 20% off
Spend a little – create a presence!
(discounted prices shown)
• Draped Display Table • Sponsor a lunch and address the crowd - $4000
• One full-conference pass • Sponsor a reception and collect leads with a drawing - $4000
• Online Product Showcase • Email Center sponsor - it’s your business, right? - $2800
• Hosted White Paper • Produce the conference notebook -$1500
• Dedicated time with attendees • Insert your product info into the conference backpacks - $750
NOTE: Discounts do not apply to
electrical service.
• For a full list of sponsorships:

For more information on vendor exhibition opportunities or to sign up contact: Nancy Moss, 408-850-9551, or by email at:

Call for Research Presentations and Sponsorships

For this meeting (and its Spring conference), the APWG is still developing, reviewing and receiving, proposals for research presentations from the membership, research partners and from visiting scholars. Financial institutions, technology, vendors, ISPs, law enforcement representatives and inter-disciplinary study groups working within the APWG research committees are all invited to send their proposals to Director of Research Peter Cassidy at

About the Anti-Phishing Working Group

The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) is focused on giving industry stakeholders a confidential forum to discuss phishing issues, define the scope of the phishing problem in terms of hard and soft costs, and share information and best practices for eliminating the problem. Where appropriate, the APWG will also look to share this information with law enforcement. Membership is open to qualified financial institutions, e-commerce companies, the law enforcement community, and industry. Because phishing attacks and email fraud are sensitive subjects for many organizations that do business online, the APWG has a policy of maintaining the confidentiality of member organizations.

The Web site of the Anti-Phishing Working Group is It serves as a public and industry resource for information about the problem of phishing and email fraud, including identification and promotion of pragmatic technical solutions that can provide immediate protection and benefits against phishing attacks.

The APWG was founded by Tumbleweed Communications and a number of member banks, financial services institutions, and e-commerce providers. It held its first meeting in November 2003 in San Francisco. The APWG, an organization of nearly 1400 members and 900 member companies, police and government agencies worldwide was officially established as an independent organization in June, 2004, controlled by its executives and board of directors and an advisory steering committee.

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