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  APWG European Spring Meeting
London, UK - April 19, 2005
Meeting Logistics

This APWG European Spring 2005 Meeting and most all related research discussions and presentations for it will be held at the London headquarters of Ernst & Young at 1 More London Place near London Bridge. Count on a full day of presentations and discussions running from roughly 8:30 to 4:00 PM - and the usual convivial post-conference rump sessions at a local pub, of course. Register for this meeting at this Web page:

Please note that these meetings are only open to members of the APWG holding memberships at or above the the Individual membership tier. Please see the membership page at for details. Membership is open to qualified financial institutions, corporations, law enforcement agencies, public policy groups, solution vendors and, by invitation, visiting scholars.

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The Ernst & Young headquarters is in Central London and is accessible by public transportation.

Please sign up though the member's site:


Location, Transport and Accommodation Logistics

Ernst & Young's London headquarters at 1 More Place is a five-minute walk from London Bridge and is in a location that is well serviced by rail and subway lines. Transport directions are as follows:
•By rail
: London Bridge is the nearest railway station.
By tube: London Bridge station is served by the Northern and Jubilee lines.
By motorbike or bicycle: There is ample parking for motorbikes and bicycles in the basement of the building. This is accessible via the service road off Tooley Street (X on map).
By car: There is no car parking within the building, however there are a number of car parks located nearby.

This link delivers the names and locations of hotels and inns closest to the Ernst & Young headquarters: <>.


Working Agenda for the London, UK Meeting

Presenter Presentation Topic
APWG and APACs Introductions & Conference Overview
Ernst & Young
Anthony Smyth
Quantifying the ROI of Anti-Phishing Solutions
Neil Long/Team Cymru Crimeware’s ROI Quotient:
Profit Motivates Malware Development
Chairman David Jevans, APWG eCrime Information Sharing and Federation:
The Global Imperative
Jonathan Rusch
US Justice Department
Negotiating International and Jurisdictional Frontiers in Electronic Crime Cases
Mid-Morning Break Refreshments
Tom Salmond, APACS Understanding the Latest
Developments in Online Identity Fraud;
Trends, Impact and Response
Dave Jevans, APWG; APACS; EY; C&W; Clearswift; & NHCTU/UK Panel: It’s April 19, 2006 - Where Will Phishers, FIs, Telcos and eCrime Fighters Be?
Lunch Break Luncheon
InternetPerils & Corillian
The Look of the Undead:
Electronic Crime Infrastructure
Visualization as a Data-Sharing Tool
Phillip Hallam-Baker, Verisign Navigational Phishing: DNS as Attack Vector
Chair Perspectives on Authentication
Magnus Nystrom,
RSA Security
Towards More Trustworthy Interfaces
for User Authentication
Bill Harris, Passmark Security Mutual Authentication and Blended Factors
Steve Roylance, Comodo Authentication of Page Objects
Brian Cunningham, MessageLevel “Sender-Based” Authentication
Dan Wolff, McAfee AVERT Lab BOTS and Packers: The New Polymophism
AWPG Chair David Jevans Closing Comments
APWG and EY and Friends Drinks and Rump Sessions


Call for Research Presentations and Sponsorships

For this meeting (and its Spring conference), the APWG is still developing, reviewing and receiving, proposals for research presentations from the membership, research partners and from visiting scholars. Financial institutions, technology, vendors, ISPs, law enforcement representatives and inter-disciplinary study groups working within the APWG research committees are all invited to send their proposals to Director of Research Peter Cassidy at


About the Anti-Phishing Working Group

The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) is focused on giving industry stakeholders a confidential forum to discuss phishing issues, define the scope of the phishing problem in terms of hard and soft costs, and share information and best practices for eliminating the problem. Where appropriate, the APWG will also look to share this information with law enforcement. Membership is open to qualified financial institutions, e-commerce companies, the law enforcement community, and industry. Because phishing attacks and email fraud are sensitive subjects for many organizations that do business online, the APWG has a policy of maintaining the confidentiality of member organizations.

The Web site of the Anti-Phishing Working Group is It serves as a public and industry resource for information about the problem of phishing and email fraud, including identification and promotion of pragmatic technical solutions that can provide immediate protection and benefits against phishing attacks.

The APWG was founded by Tumbleweed Communications and a number of member banks, financial services institutions, and e-commerce providers. It held its first meeting in November 2003 in San Francisco. The APWG, an organization of nearly 1300 members and 800 member companies, police and government agencies worldwide was officially established as an independent organization in June, 2004, controlled by its executives and board of directors and an advisory steering committee.

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