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Meeting Focus

The sixth annual Counter-eCrime Operations Summit (CeCOS VI) will engage questions of operational challenges and the development of common resources for the first responders and forensic professionals who protect consumers and enterprises from the ecrime threat every day. This year's meeting will focus on the shifting nature of cybercrime and the attendant challenges of managing that dynamic threatscape. Within that framework, CeCOS VI Prague will review the development of response paradigms and resources for counter-cybercrime managers and forensic professionals in the private and public sectors. Presenters will also be reviewing case studies of national and regional economies under attack, narratives of successful trans-national forensic cooperation, considering models for cooperation against ecrime and examining resources for cybercrime response and forensic enterprises.

This is an important opportunity for stakeholders to meet, define common goals and to plan the harmonization of resources for the global counter-ecrime effort. If you are an information security professional, law enforcement officer, counter-ecrime technology developer, CISO/Security manager, (military or corporate) intelligence officer, policy analyst, technologist, legislator, legislative researcher, industrial standards author, corporate security manager, private investigator or academic/industrial researcher in ecrime you should attend this summit.

The program will be spread across a three-day conference event on April 25, 26 and 27 in Prague, Czech Republic at the Mövenpick Hotel Near the city center. The APWG believes under-appreciated operational issues are important enough to be the focus of a conference dedicated exclusively to them. They're often talked about as sidelights but rarely addressed directly as an organizational imperative for the entire counter-ecrime community. CeCOS VI makes those operational issue the central focus of the program for the benefit of all ecrime fighters.

Program Overview

Presentations at the opening of the program will be delivered by ecrime responders within the APWG, its Global Research Partners and law enforcement personnel who will discuss national and regional ecrime trends and individual case studies about resolving specific electronic crime cases. Presenters will come from the ranks of private industry, private security companies, public law enforcement agencies, government agencies and national Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT). True crime stories will be balanced with instruction about the skills the responders exercise as well as the data and tools employed to resolve phishing attacks.

APWG principals, research fellows and Global Research Partners will detail survey the eCrime landscape and present proposals for organizing global responses that will harmonize efforts of eCrime respondents and organize the work of securing the global network infrastructure. Furthermore, presenters will examine the development ecrime data exchange specifications and how they can be employed to optimize counter-ecrime applications. Presentations about industrial policy at CeCOS VI will investigate industrial policies that complicate the work of exploited brandholders and responders - such as the segments of domain name system (DNS) registration process that is abused by phishers as part of their phishing campaigns.

Program Deliverables

Though instruction is always an APWG priority, the other defining goal is to identify common forensic needs - in terms the data, tools and communications protocols that are required to inform and facilitate time-sensitive communications between counter-ecrime stakeholders.

APWG has surveyed a lot of proposals and all have merit but required some harmonization of effort in order to make them maximally useful. APWG hopes that at the end of the program, the ensuing dialog will produce defined projects to organize data, tools and communications protocols that are required by the larger counter-ecrime community.

Working Agenda

  Tuesday, 24 April    
10:00 STOP. THINK. CONNECT Messaging Convention Meeting  


This is the regular meeting of the STOP. THINK. CONNECT. messaging partners. Dial-In details will be published on the mailing list. To get involved use the contact link on

13:00 Global Cybersecure Communities Working Group Meeting  


This meeting in the afternoon will focus on the Global Cybersecure Working Group to promote collaboration and best practices from communities around the world.

Early Registration  


Early Bird Meet and Greet

All registered attendees are invited to join us in the Hotel for a couple hours to get a start on introductions and discussions.

  Wednesday, 25 April (proposed)    

Registration Desk Opens

09:00 Conference Introduction and Welcome


Peter Cassidy


  The Global eCrime Outlook : National Field Reports and Assesments


Bank and Game Websites Phishing In Japan

Shinichi Tankyo
Hitachi Systems, Ltd



Digital Crimes in Russia and Criminal Prosecution

Ilya Sachkov



German Field Report

Andre Dornbusch
Bundeskriminalamt Wiesbaden / Federal Criminal Police Office



A Vision of Cybercrime in Italy

Matteo Cavallini
Italy Ministry of Economy and Finance

10:30 Break


Mapping the Cyberfelons' Homelands:
The Most Criminogenic National Networks

Jart Armin

  Cybercrime Technology Keynote


Keynote Address: Do Android Apps Help Security Creep?

Jon Callas

12:30 Lunch
  Desktop and Client-Side Threats


New Network Connectivity & New Malware/Phishing Cases

David Prieto Marques

Rafael Sanchez Gomez



Crimeware's Future:
Mutations Adapt and Proliferate

Luis Corrons
Panda Security

14:45 Break


Vicious Vishing Vanquished?
Inside the Telephone Vishing Scams of Today

John LaCour

  The Enterprise


How a Financial Institution Utilizes Cyber Intelligence to Reduce Risk

Kevin Thomsen
Citi O&T Risk Management

  The Mobile Computing Threatscape

Cybercrime in Your Pocket:
Mobile Malware and Phishing

Dave Jevans, APWG

Dr. Hassen Saidi, SRI
Jart Armin, HostExploit
Kevin Thomsen, Citi


Day One Closing Announcements

Foy Shiver


APWG Steering Committee Meeting



All registered attendees from APWG Steering Committee member organizations are invited to attend this meeting. Expect the meeting to run about 1.5 hours.

20:00 Speaker & Steering Committee Dinner    

Presenters at this years CeCOS are invited to join the APWG Steering Committee and Staff for dinner. Details will be provided on where and what time to meet.

  Thursday, 26 April (proposed)    

Registration Desk Opens

09:30 Opening Announcements Day Two
  Behavioral Aspects and Human Factors in Cybercrime Management


Globalizing Cybersecurity Awareness Messaging

Aimee Larsen-Kirkpatrick
National Cyber Security Alliance

Tiffany Teichrow

Kevin Kempskie
RSA The Security Division of EMC



Social Engineering's New Intimacy

Andrew Cushman

11:00 Break


The Soul of New Cybercriminal

Raoul Chiesa
Principal, CyberDefcon

  Network Infrastructure


The Rush to Mobile Insecurity

Hassen Saidi
SRI International

13:00 Lunch
  The Global eCrime Outlook


The Global Phishing Report on Abuse of TLDs

Greg Aaron



Domain Takedowns: Choke hold, Arm Bar, Headlock, or Fireman's Carry?

David Piscitello

Don Blumenthal

  eCrime and Law Enforcement


Budapest Convention on Cybercrime:
Transborder Law Enforcement Access to Data

Alexander Seger
Data Protection and Cybercrime Division
Council of Europe

15:30 Break

National CERT Data Exchange Regulatory Remediation

Jo De Muynck
European Network and Information Security Agency



Whole of Nation Cybersecurity

Alexander Klimburg
The Austrian Institute for International Affairs

  Data Logistics of Cybercrime Response and Investigation


IODEF+ and Adventures in Cybercrime Event Data Sharing

Pat Cain


Day Two Closing Announcements

Foy Shiver


Networking Dinner


Registered attendees for CeCOS, Speakers and Staff are invited to join us for dinner this evening in the hotel’s Mövenpick Hotel Restaurant.

  Friday, 27 April (proposed)    
09:30 Opening Announcements Day Three
  The Technologies and Tools of eCrime Response

APWG Project Update:

APWG IEEE Stop eCrime Working Group:
Toward a Public Health Model for eCrime Response and Management

Larry Bridwell

John MacGregor
Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

Pat Cain



Toward a Universal eCrime Taxonomy for Industry and Law Enforcement

Iaine Swaine

10:45 Working Break
  Applied eCrime Response Technology Research

The Phisher's Tricks: A Case Study

Michael Molsner
Kaspersky Lab

  Network Forensics


Mapping the Phishing Infrastructure

Gary Warner
The University of Alabama at Birmingham



The Bredolab Take-Down: Cops & Geeks Vs. 30 Million Zombies

Godert Jan van Manen
Security Specialist

13:15 Lunch


The fall of a crime syndicate - the Carberp case

Peter Kruse
CSIS Security Group



ECrime eXchange - Development Update

Mike D'Ambrogia


Event Closing Announcements

Foy Shiver

Location, Transport and Accommodation Logistics


The 2012 Counter-eCrime Operations Summit is being held at the Mövenpick Hotel Prague in the city centre, in the buzzing modern area of Andel, next to the historical heart of Prague, 5 minutes from an underground station, 15 minutes from Prague airport, right next to the new business and administrative complex with leisure and relaxation centre, shops and services.

- Hotel Destination Guide:

- Hotel Arrival Guide:


Mövenpick Hotel Prague

 Mövenpick Hotel Prague
 Mozartova 1 150 00
 Czech Republic


We have contracted with the Mövenpick for the special dissounted of: 100.00 Eu for a Standard or 115.00 Eu for the Executive room including breakfast and VAT. Please use the form HERE and return it to the email or fax in the form to reserve a room at this special rate.



Call for Presentations

APWG members, research partner and correspondents are invited and encouraged to submit their proposals for presentations and panel discussions. Proposals should be in the form of a title and extended abstract. All proposals should be submitted to the APWG Program Committee at Abstracts will be accepted till Midnight Eastern Time on March 16, 2012.

The APWG CeCOS conferences investigate the modern phenomena of electronic crime from the point of view of the responder who must undertake forensic exercises to investigate the crimes and the managers who must protect consumers and enterprise computer and network users every day. CeCOS presenters discuss all aspects of electronic crime and ways to combat it.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Phishing, rogue-AV, pharming, click-fraud, crimeware, extortion and emerging attacks.
  • Technical, legal, political, social and psychological aspects of fraud and fraud prevention.
  • Malware, botnets, ecriminal/phishing gangs and collaboration, or money laundering.
  • Techniques to assess the risks and yields of attacks and the success rates of countermeasures.
  • Delivery techniques, including spam, voice mail and rank manipulation; and countermeasures.
  • Spoofing of different types, and applications to fraud.
  • Techniques to avoid detection, tracking and takedown; and ways to block such techniques.
  • Honeypot design, data mining, and forensic aspects of fraud prevention.
  • Design and evaluation of user interfaces in the context of fraud and network security.
  • Best practices related to digital forensics tools and techniques, investigative procedures, and evidence acquisition, handling and preservation.
Vendor Sponsorship Opportunities

APWG is offering an opportunity to build relationships while marketing your company to a targeted audience of security, messaging and financial professionals. Sponsorships are a personal, non-intrusive way of conveying your message. Additionally, your participation can help support activities vital to the overall success of the APWG and its research partners, which ultimately contributes to the success of the entire counter-eCrime stakeholders' community.

There are a sponsorship opportunities available for those who want to use this meetings as an opportunity to communicate their brand and message to APWG members, presenters and event attendees, each either a critical decision maker or a thought leader in his or her own right.

Please contact Deputy-Secretary Foy Shiver for details via email at fshiver [at]