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Meeting Focus

The third annual Counter-eCrime Operations Summit (CeCOS III) will engage questions of operational challenges and the development of common resources for the first responders and forensic professionals who protect consumers and enterprises from the ecrime threat every day. This year's meeting will focus on the development of response paradigms and resources for counter-ecrime managers and forensic professionals. Presenters will proffer case studies of national and regional economies under attack, narratives of successful trans-national forensic cooperation as well as models for cooperation and unified response against ecrime and data resources for forensic activities.

This is an important opportunity for stakeholders to meet, define common goals and to plan the harmonization of resources for the global counter-ecrime effort. If you are an information security professional, law enforcement officer, counter-ecrime technology developer, CISO/Security manager, (military or corporate) intelligence officer, policy analyst, technologist, legislator, legislative researcher, industrial standards author, corporate security manager, private investigator or academic/industrial researcher in ecrime you should attend this summit.

The program will be spread across a three-day conference event on May 12, 13 and 14 in Barcelona, España at the Hotel AB SKIPPER. The APWG believes under-appreciated operational issues are important enough to be the focus of a conference dedicated exclusively to them. They're often talked about as sidelights but rarely addressed directly as an organizational imperative for the entire counter-ecrime community. CeCOS III makes those operational issue the central focus of the program for the benefit of all ecrime fighters.

Program Overview

Presentations at the opening of the program will be delivered by ecrime responders within the APWG, its Global Research Partners and law enforcement personnel who will discuss national and regional ecrime trends and individual case studies about resolving specific electronic crime cases. Presenters will come from the ranks of private industry, private security companies, public law enforcement agencies, government agencies and national Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT). True crime stories will be balanced with instruction about the skills the responders exercise as well as the data and tools employed to resolve phishing attacks.

APWG principals, research fellows and Global Research Partners will detail survey the eCrime landscape and present proposals for organizing global responses that will harmonize efforts of eCrime respondents and organize the work of securing the global network infrastructure. Furthermore, presenters will examine the development ecrime data exchange specifications and how they can be employed to optimize counter-ecrime applications. Presentations about industrial policy at CeCOS II will investigate industrial policies that complicate the work of exploited brandholders and responders - such as the segments of domain name system (DNS) registration process that is abused by phishers as part of their phishing campaigns.

Program Deliverables

Though instruction is always an APWG priority, the other defining goal is to identify common forensic needs - in terms the data, tools and communications protocols that are required to inform and facilitate time-sensitive communications between counter-ecrime stakeholders.

APWG has surveyed a lot of proposals and all have merit but required some harmonization of effort in order to make them maximally useful. APWG hopes that at the end of the program, the ensuing dialog will produce defined projects to organize data, tools and communications protocols that are required by the larger counter-ecrime community.

Working Agenda
Note that althought the program will be preseneted in English, Spanish translation services will be provided during the event.

(Under Construction and subject to change) 

  Monday night, May 11 we will hold a reception meet and great session at 7:30 PM in the hotel. Please join us for light refreshments.  
  Tuesday, May 12  
07:00 Breakfast - Regestered attendees staying in the Hotel Skipper are welcome to join us for a complimentary breakfast in the Restuarant Malbec  
08:30 Registration Desk Opens    
09:30 Conference Introduction


Dave Jevans

  The Global eCrime Outlook    
    Italy National Report and Case Study
Matteo Lucchetti
Senior Research Analyst
    Spain: four years fighting online fraud (2005-2008 statistics) David Barroso
    UK National Report and Case Study
Richard Martin
Business Security Consultant
    Malaysia National Report and Case Study
Adli Abd Wahid
Malaysia CERT (MyCERT)
CyberSecurity Malaysia

11:00 Break
11:30   The South Asian eCrime Scene
Rakesh Goyal
Managing Director
Sysman Computers (P) Ltd.

    Spam and Phishing
situation in Russia
Darya Gudkova
Head of Content Analysts Team
Kaspersky Lab
    Analysis of Conficker
Hassen Saidi
SRI International
  Protecting the Online Customer and Enterprise User    
    Crimes Against the Desktop
Luis Corrons Granel
Panda Security
13:00 Lunch  
14:30   Phishing Education Landing Pages:
A Just in Time Model of Phishing Victim Intervention and Education

Peter Cassidy
Secretary General

    Teaching Johnny Not to Fall for Phish

Jason Hong
Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon Universit
Wombat Security Technologies

    User Education at Home and at Work

Mike Kaiser
Executive Director
National Cyber Security Alliance

Aimee Larsen Kirkpatrick
Communication & Outreach Director
National Cyber Security Alliance
16:00 Break  
16:30   Social Engineering Mail Drill
Koichiro Komiyama
JPCERT / Coordination Center
    Panel Discussion: Examining Behavioral Management as a Consumer and Enterprise User Security Approach
18:30 APWG Steering Committee Meeting    
    All registered attendees from APWG Steering Committee member organizations are invited to attend this meeting. Expect the meeting to run about 1.5 hours, light refreshments will be served. Dave Jevans
  Wednesday, May 13  
07:00 Breakfast - Regestered attendees staying in the Hotel Skipper are welcome to join us for a complimentary breakfast in the Restuarant Malbec  
09:00 Registration Desk Opens    
09:30 Day Two Welcome   Foy Shiver
Deputy-Secretary General
  The Technology of eCrime – and eCrime Response      
    The Future of Banking Trojans: Circumventing Safe Banking Software
Mike La Pilla
Malicious Code Operations Team
    Server-side Polymorphism and New Agents of Contagion
Vanja Svajcer
Principal Researcher
    The Snooping Dragon: Social-Malware Surveillance of the Tibetan Movement
Shishir Nagaraja
Information Trust Institute
University of Illinois
11:00 Break
11:30   Panel: Desktops Under Siege: Now and Future Threats

Ero Carrera
Hispasec Sistemas

Dean Turner

Julio Vivero

Toralv Dirro
EMEA Security Strategist McAfee® Avert® Labs

12:15 eCrime Law Enforcement Operations    
    Case Study: Japan eCrime Law Enforcement Operations

Shinichi Tankyo
Hitachi Information Systems

    A Multi-Stakeholder Approach to Battle Cyber Crime:
An overview of the many victims & stakeholders in the e-Crime landscape, who can play a valuable role, and what we can do about it.
Paul Ferguson
Threat Research,
CoreTech Engineering
Trend Micro, Inc.
    Panel: Practicalities and Logistics of Forensic Data Exchange

Pat Cain

APWG Resident Research Fellow
Cooper-Cain Group

Peter Sykora
National Co-ordinator of High-Tech Crime Operations
Australian Federal Police

Nadeem Bukhari

Rachelle Barnette
FBI Management & Program Analyst
Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)


13:45 Lunch  
15:15 Counter eCrime Operations Policy in Action    
    CNNIC's Coordinated Efforts to Suspend Fraudulent Sites Tan Yaling
China Internet Network Information Center
    Panel Discussion:
Dialing the ePolice station

David Perry
Trend Micro

Larry Bridwell
AVG Technologies

    "Dissecting the Phish” - Collecting Information for Generating Intelligence out of Phish Attacks
Marc Vilanova
e-Crime Intelligence Analyst
e-la Caixa CSIRT
16:30 Break  
17:00   Operational and Policy Solutions in Combating Cybercrime - A Practical Perspective on Forensic Data Exchange
Albena Spasova

  eCrime and the Global Communications Infrastructure    
    The ins and outs of a Fast-Flux Network
Yinon Glaser
Team Leader, Knowledge Delivery Team
    Temporal Correlations between Spam and Phishing Websites
Richard Clayton
Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge
    Global Phishing Survey

Greg Aaron

Rod Rasmussen

  Birds of a Feather Sessions      
    Institutional Data Sharing:
The value of sharing intelligence between organisations and researchers can give mutual benefit to both, and benefit a much wider audience if actionable insights are discovered. All to often data ends up being siloed and not having the best use made of it - it is the intention of this project to convince organisations that it is in not only their best interests, but those of the eCrime prevention community at large, to share non-personally identifiable data in a structured format that is non attributable to their organisation.

Iain Swaine
eCrime Prevention Security and Fraud

Pat Cain
APWG Resident Research Fellow
Cooper-Cain Group

Program Note: Anyone interested in attending the Institutional Data Sharing BOF must sign-up separately. Please inquire at the registration desk about attendance.

20:30 RECEPTION and DINNER Join us for our Wednesday Night's dinner and networking event
  Thursday, May 14  
07:00 Breakfast - Regestered attendees staying in the Hotel Skipper are welcome to join us for a complimentary breakfast in the Restuarant Malbec  
09:30 Day Three Welcome   Peter Cassidy
Secretary General
    Peering into the Soul of Electronic Crime: Profiling the Hackers
Raoul Chiesa
United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute
  Internet Policy Committee Report Rod Rasmussen
  ICANN SSAC Activity Report
Dave Piscitello
  Defensive Strategies Managing the eCrime Siege:
Network Defense in an Age of
Epidemic Electronic Crime
Leonardo Amor
Security Services Manager
11:15 Break
11:45   National "CERTs' roles as Counter-eCrime
Coordination Centers

Domingo Cardona
TB Security
    Why cast when you can trawl? Snaring phishers in the DNS net
Gopala Tumuluri
VP of Product Management
Nominum Inc
    Panel Discussion:
Imagining eCrime Response Without Frontiers

Randy Vaughn

Baylor University

Erin Kenneally
California Institute for Information Technology and Telecommunications

Raoul Chiesa
United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute

Donna Peterson
Unit Chief, CCU-1
Cyber Criminal Section

Greg Aaron

Paul Ferguson
Threat Research,
CoreTech Engineering
Trend Micro, Inc.

13:30 Closing of Session

Foy Shiver
Deputy-Secretary General

TBA Late Night with the APWG
In informal gathering at a Secret Location to be announced during the Closing of Sessions.


Location, Transport and Accommodation Logistics
skipper banner

The 2009 Counter-eCrime Operations Summit and all event meetings are being held at the Hotel AB SKIPPER located on the beautiful Barcelona Beaches across the street from the Parc de la Cuitadella and one block from the Olympic Park Shopping district.

Av del Litoral, 10
08005 Barcelona
Tel +34 93 2216565
Fax + 34 93 221 3600



We have negotiated a special discount rate for our attendees. The Executive Room rate is 180,00 € for single occupancy and 205,00 € for double occupancy. The final cut off date for the negotiated rate is 20 March 2009. Please make your reservations before this date to take advatnatage of this offer.

We have arranged two methods for you to register with our negotiated hotel rate. An online registration form is available with instruction below. If you have problems with this procedure, you may use this Hotel Reservation Form to make arrangements via Fax. Print the form, fill in the fields and fax to the number specified on the form.

To access the the online reservation form:

Step 1:
Click Here to open the application
Enter the Attendee Code for our event "6850" and click the "Attendee Login" button.

Step 2:
Use the calander to select the arrival and departure dates. Use the reset button if you mistakenly select the wrong dates.

Step 3:
In the right hand side of this window, select "Executive" for the Room Type and click the "Contact Information" button at the bottom right of the next window.

Step 4:
On this page you will enter your personal information and credit card details. Finally click the Finish Reservation button to confirm and finalize your reservation.
Getting around the city

Welcome to Barcelona!

Barcelona has the dynamic and open personality so typical of Mediterranean cities. It is the perfect city to relax in, stroll around and enjoy. Barcelona has its own way of life which makes it unique.

Call for Presentations
APWG members, research partner and correspondents are invited and encouraged to submit their proposals for presentations and panel discussions to the APWG Program Committee at
Vendor Sponsorship Opportunities

APWG is offering an opportunity to build relationships while marketing your company to a targeted audience of security, messaging and financial professionals. Sponsorships are a personal, non-intrusive way of conveying your message. Additionally, your participation can help support activities vital to the overall success of the APWG and its research partners, which ultimately contributes to the success of the entire counter-phishing stakeholders' community.

The following benefits are available to Meeting Sponsors, once your sponsorship is confirmed:

- Recognition in on-site signage displayed during the meal or break
- Distribution of one giveaway such as a literature pack or chotchkee

There are a number of meal, break and entertainment sponsorship opportunities available for APWG members who want to use this meetings as an opportunity to communicate their brand and message to members of the APWG and presenters, each either a critical decision maker or a thought leader in his or her own right.

Please contact Deputy-Secretary Foy Shiver for details via email at

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