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eCrime Summit

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The 2007 Counter-eCrime Operations Summit will engage questions of operational challenges and the development of common resources for operations personal, first responders and the forensic artisans who confront the ecrime threat every day as part of their workaday brief.

It presents an action-focused agenda, instructing the plenary through informative case studies and interrogating the larger stakeholding
community in dialog about development of shared resources like common data formats for ecrime reporting, alerting systems and the federation of phishing attack databases now in development at the APWG and its global research partners.

The draft agenda, still in development by the CeCOS program committee and the APWG CeCOS program partners, is as follows:

Working Agenda - (subject to change)
  Wednesday, May 30
8:00 Welcome & Registration
(coffee, teas, muffins)

8:45 Introduction to event, and Housekeeping  

Dave Jevans


Security and operations professionals relate their own gruelling tales of derring-do in pursuit of cyber-criminals and the corrupt technologies they erect on the Internet.

John LaCour
, MarkMonitor
Issac Bright, InternetIdentity
Brad Keller, Wachovia Bank 
Uriel Maimon , RSA Security, Inc.
Carl Davis, PayPal, Inc.
Shanna Gordon, BrandProtect


Announcer :
Rod Rasmussen, InternetIdentity

10:15 Kaffee Klatch

Colloquia on ‘State of the Art’ eCrime Technologies

  • Mapping the MalWeb: Tracing Scamsites, Slimesites and Crimesites Across the Globe
    Chris Barton
  • Brace for Phishing Evilusion – The Most Criminally Pathogenic Phish Mutations Are Yet to Surface
    Dan Hubbard

  • Crimeware Awareness Gives Operational Insight for the Most Timely Defense Strategies
    Ross Kinder

Dave Jevans


Taming the Toxic Desktop

eBay's own CISO presents eBay's action plan for managing pandemic desktop pollution - the crimeware and malware that clutters most every PC today and which has to be neutralized to keep ecommerce secure.

Dave Cullinane

Lunch sponsored by APWG Steering Committee Member:





Counter-eCrime Data-Handling Best Practices

Blind Drop Justice: How institutions and 3rd parties can manage the legal liabilities and regulatory risks attendant handling confidential data and the process of recovery

Lance James
Secure Science

Nation Report: Mexico

Managing Counter-eCrime Operations on a National Scale: How UNAM-CERT is organizing a federating nexus to coordinate the responses of Mexican banks, the Internet Association of Mexico and the national Cyber police to eCrime.

Juan Carlos Guel Lopez

Kaffee Klatch




Round Table: Global Operational Challenges and Opportunities for Working Effectively with Law Enforcement

  • Federal Resources for the Cyber Security Practitioner and Key Mechanisms for Initiating Dialogue with Law Enforcement
    Michael Levin, (retired US Secret Service)
    Chief Security Officer
    UCG-United Communications Group
  • Project WHO: A replicable framework for identity theft knowledge management
    Erin Kenneally
    CEO, Elchemy, Inc.
  • Savvy eCrime Data Collection and Collation for Enhanced Operational Intelligence and Policy Development
    Jon Praed, (Infragard member)
    Internet Law Group

Dr. Phyllis Schneck Chairman, InfraGard National Members Alliance
VP, Secure Computing

Conference Panel: Can Counter e-Crime stakeholders press for improved international cooperation and assistance from governments?

  • Rod Rasmussen
  • Colin Whittaker

Jonathan Rusch
United States Department of Justice

  Birds of a Feather
18:00 Name Server Policy
18:00 IEEE Mustering Meeting
Facilitating Spam Reduction Efforts

Late Night with APWG:
Rump Sessions, Refreshments & Card Exchanges at a Secret Location to be announced at the end of the Day 1 sessions

Special Thanks to our sponsor for tonights Apetizers: IEEE

  Thursday, May 31

Welcome / Registration
(coffee, teas, muffins)

8:45 LA eCrime Story: Take Down in Azusa                        
  • Los Angeles-based FBI agents take you inside a major cyber investigation and bust, the Jeff Goodin case
    Special Agent Sam Ukeiley
    Special Agent Boeing Shih

    Los Angeles FBI Cyber Squad



Botnet Syndication

The Black Art of Mapping Criminal Actors to Correlative eCrime Events

Richard Perlotto

Nation Report: United States of America

Challenges of coordinating and conducting incident response on a national level
An overview and example of how the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team coordinates or responds to cyber-incidents at the national and international level.

Mark Henderson
US-CERT Analyst
Office of the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team
10:15 Kaffee Klatch

APWG Colloquia on Shared counter eCrime Resources

  • Early alerting systems, animated by shared information and the role of reporting and alerting scoring standards
    John Fricke
    Chief of Staff
  • Leveraging National CSIRTs as first in-country points of contacts when pursuing and responding to ecrime events
    Jason Rafail

  • CICTE/OAS’ development plans for organizing and coordinating national CSIRTs among Organization of Member States’ member nations
    Romulo Dantas
    Organization of American States
  • Presentations on eCrime data repositories for financial institutions and responders in place and in development
  • Presentations on electronic crime data reporting formats for financial institutions and responders in place and in development
  • Dialog on Data Exchange Agreements: Standing models for data exchange MOUs and NDAs to facilitate counter ecrime enterprise
  • Discussions on development of tools and protocols to federate shared data and alerting mechanisms to provide more powerful tools and broader communications channels for financial institutions and responders

Pat Cain
APWG Research Fellow



Data Exchange Agreements: Standing models for data exchange MOUs and NDAs to facilitate and govern counter ecrime enterprises requiring information exchanges

  Jon Praed
Infragard member
Internet Law Group
12:30 Lunch

Round Table: Toward a World Health  Organization Model for Managing eCrime Network Events

  • Conference Panel: Discussions on proposals to organize broadly applied network purging protocols and practices to clear networks and shrink botnets to manageable dimensions
    Paul Ferguson
    , Office of the CTO, Trend Micro

    Richard Perlotto, ShadowServer

    Mark Henderson, Office of the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team

    Nick Bilogorskiy, SonicWall

    Joe St Sauver, Internet2 and University of Oregon

    Minaxi Gupta, Indiana University

Dr Randy Vaughn
Baylor University

15:15 Kaffee Klatch

APWG Policy Round Table: The Domain Name System

Report: The APWG’s DNSPWG reports on its investigations into how DNS policies and protocols that assist phishers and ecriminals and how those policies and protocols could be tuned to counter ecrime

  • Of DNSSEC, DLV and Passive DNS
    Paul Vixie
  • Operational security benefits of formally establishing DNSSEC on a global basis to secure the naming infrastructure for commercial enterprise
    John Fricke, Chief of Staff
  • FSTC presents on proposal to establish a Top Level Domain (TLD) under the control of the financial services industry – and reserved for the purposes of FI-related enterprise
    John Fricke

    Chairman, Chief of Staff

Working Group Reports

  • INCANN GNSO WHOIS Data Policies
    Pat Cain, Cooper-Cain Group, APWG Research Fellow
  • Protection/Detection
    Brad Keller, Wachovia
  • Response
    Aaron Kornblum, Microsoft
    Mike Rodenbaugh, Yahoo!
  • Registrar Best Practices
    Dmitri Alperovitch, Secure Computing
    Ryan Macfarlane, FBI Internet Crime

Dr Laura Mather


  Late Night with APWG:
Rump Sessions, Refreshments & Card Exchanges at a Secret Location to be announced at the end of the Day 2 sessions


Location, Transport and Accommodation Logistics

This year's Counter eCrime Operations Summit is located in the heart of San Francisco's Financial District. We have the honor of being hosted at the offices of the State Bar of California.

State Bar of California
180 Howard Street
Suite 180
San Francisco, CA 94105

Situated in San Francisco's Financial District, this locaion provides easy access to public transportation and numerous hotel options. This years event is an easy walk or short taxi ride to famous landmarks like Union Square and Chinatown.


Program Deliverables
Though instruction is always an APWG priority, the other defining goal of the Counter-eCrime Operations Summit is to scope common resource needs in terms the data, tools and communications protocols that are required to inform and facilitate time-sensitive, agent-specific high-precision communications between counter-ecrime stakeholders. APWG has surveyed a lot of proposals and all have merit but required some harmonization of effort in order to make them maximally useful. APWG hopes that at the end of the program, the ensuing dialog will produce defined projects to organize data, tools and communications protocols (or their federation and harmonization) that are needed by the larger counter-ecrime community.
Call for Presentations
APWG members, research partner and correspondents are invited and encouraged to submit their proposals for presentations and panel discussions to APWG Program Committee at
Vendor Sponsorship Opportunities

APWG is offering an opportunity to build relationships while marketing your company to a targeted audience of security, messaging and financial profesionals. Sponsorships are a personal, non-intrusive way of conveying your message. Additionally, your participation can help support activities vital to the overall success of the APWG and its research partners, which ultimately contributes to the success of the entire counter-phishing stakeholders' community.

The following benefits are available to Meeting Sponsors, once your sponsorship is confirmed:

- Recognition in on-site signage displayed during the meal or break
- Distribution of one giveaway such as a literature pack or chotchkee

There are a number of meal, break and entertainment sponsorship opportunities available for APWG members who want to use this meetings as an opportunity to communicate their brand and message to members of the APWG and presenters, each either a critical decision maker or a thought leader in his or her own right.