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The first annual eCrime Researchers Sync-Up, organised in conjunction with University College Dublin's Centre for Cybercrime Investigation, on March 15th and 16th, 2011 is a two-day exchange of presentations and discussions related to eCrime research in progress - and for networking of researchers within the disciplines that are defining the eCrime research field today.

The eCrime Researchers Sync-Up has been established as an extension of the annual APWG eCrime Research Summit held every year in the fall in the United States, an event that has become a vital nexus for the development of eCrime research and its pioneering investigators since it was founded in 2006.

Instead of a formal conference presenting peer-reviewed papers and posters, the eCrime Researchers Sync-Up is an opportunity for the principal investigators within the discipline from academia, industry and government to discuss their research, find axes of common interest and establish collaborations.

As such, it will be a useful resource for investigators established in the field, researchers looking for a way to get into eCrime research - and, as well, a peerless venue for grant-making agencies with an interest in eCrime research to meet with principal investigators exploring avenues of research of direct interest to their grant portfolios.

Please contact Deputy-Secretary Foy Shiver for details via email at foy [at] apwg.org.

Call for Presentations

APWG members, research partner and correspondents are invited and encouraged to submit their proposals for presentations and panel discussions. Proposals should be in the form of a title and extended abstract. All proposals should be submitted to the APWG Program Committee at proposals@apwg.org. Abstracts will be accepted till Midnight Eastern Time on January 31, 2011.

The APWG eCR Sync-Up conferences investigate the modern phenomena of electronic crime from the point of view of the responder who must undertake forensic exercises to investigate the crimes and the managers who must protect consumers and enterprise computer and network users every day. eCR Sync-Up presenters discuss all aspects of electronic crime and ways to combat it.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Phishing, rogue-AV, pharming, click-fraud, crimeware, extortion and emerging attacks.
  • Technical, legal, political, social and psychological aspects of fraud and fraud prevention.
  • Malware, botnets, ecriminal/phishing gangs and collaboration, or money laundering.
  • Techniques to assess the risks and yields of attacks and the success rates of countermeasures.
  • Delivery techniques, including spam, voice mail and rank manipulation; and countermeasures.
  • Spoofing of different types, and applications to fraud.
  • Techniques to avoid detection, tracking and takedown; and ways to block such techniques.
  • Honeypot design, data mining, and forensic aspects of fraud prevention.
  • Design and evaluation of user interfaces in the context of fraud and network security.
  • Best practices related to digital forensics tools and techniques, investigative procedures, and evidence acquisition, handling and preservation.


We have tried to keep registration for this event as low as possiable to help cover cost. The rates listed below offer a discounted "early bird" registration rate prior to Feruary 21st.

  Early Bird Rate

General Registration

APWG Members

$ 50.00

$ 75.00

Students & University Faculty

$ 50.00

$ 75.00

Law Enforcement & Government Employees

$ 50.00

$ 75.00

All Others

$ 75.00

$ 100.00

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Our first eCR Sync-Up is being hosted by University College Dublin's School of Computer Science and Informatics. We will meet in UCD School of Computer Science and Informatics on UCD's main Belfield campus located 4km south of Dublin city center. The campus in an attractively landscaped complex of modern architectural buildings, accommodating student residences and numerous leisure and sporting facilities. You can see the location on this map in building 22 (coordinates C6).


We have contracted with the Stillorgan Park Hotel for the special discounted rate of 89 Euro per night single and 99 Euro per night double occupancy. These rates are good for the week prior to the event until March 17. To access this rate please call the hotel directly and provide the event code "ECRS 92655".

Blue Tree Towers Morumbi

 Stillorgan Park Hotel
 Stillorgan Road,
 Dublin 18
 Tel: +353 (0)1 200 1800
 Email: info@stillorganpark.com


Travel from Dublin Airport:
Travelling from Dublin Airport to the hotel the Aircoach bus service leaves the airport every 15 minutes and stops directly outside the hotel. This service costs €8.00 for a single journey and €14.00 for a return journey. The Aircoach departs from outside the arrivals hall in Dublin Airport (turn left on exiting the terminal). Alternatively you can get a taxi from Dublin Airport to the hotel. Taxis cost €35 - €50 depending on time of day. To get a taxi turn right on exiting the arrivals hall. Journey times will take 30 – 60 minutes depending on time of day.

Travel to UCD (Conference Venue):
If coming direct from the airport, the Aircoach stops outside the gates of UCD. For those travelling from the hotel, there will be a shuttle bus available at 8:30am each morning to take delegates to the venue. This shuttle bus will drop people back to the hotel at 5:30pm each day.

Travel to the City Centre:
The hotel, university and the city centre are all on the Quality Bus Corridor (QBC). From the hotel, cross the road and take a 46A or 145 to the city centre. The fare costs €1.80 each way. More information can be found on www.dublinbus.ie.

Sponsorship Opportunities

APWG is offering an opportunity to build relationships while marketing your company to a targeted audience of security, messaging and financial professionals. Sponsorships are a personal, non-intrusive way of conveying your message. Additionally, your participation can help support activities vital to the overall success of the APWG and its research partners, which ultimately contributes to the success of the entire counter-eCrime stakeholders' community.

There are a sponsorship opportunities available for those who want to use this meetings as an opportunity to communicate their brand and message to APWG members, presenters and event attendees, each either a critical decision maker or a thought leader in his or her own right.

Please contact Deputy-Secretary Foy Shiver for details via email at foy [at] apwg.org.

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