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eCrime 09 Call For Papers

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19:30 Please join us Monday evening, October 19, at the Tacoma Glass Museum for a meet and greet reception to begin at 7:30. This evening will include a live glass blowing demonstration by local Tacoma artist and the Museum galleries will be open for our attendees. View details about the Tacoma Glass Museum at
  Tuesday, October 20
  (agenda is under construction and subject to change)
08:00 Registration Desk Opens / Breakfast    

Welcome and eCrime Introduction

Foy Shiver
09:10 APWG/NCSA Online Consumer Safety Messaging Convention:
Global Unified Safety Messaging for Enhanced Resonance and Retention

Mike Kaiser
Leigh Fulwood

Consumers, Human Factors and eCrime
09:30 The APWG/CMU Landing Page:
Development and Traffic Analysis of a Counter-Phishing Public Education Utility

Greg Ogorek
Laura Mather

09:50 Muling Scams: Offers No One Can Afford to Accept
Tabatha Marshall

10:20 Anti-Social Networking David Perry
Trend Micro
10:50 Break
11:20 P2P File-Sharing Networks:
New Trends in Cyber Crime and a Model for Tracking Malicious Individuals

Keith Tagliaferri
Techniques to Put Names to the eSuspects

Determining Provenance in Phishing Websites using Automated Conceptual Analysis

Robert Layton, Paul Watters
University of Ballarat, Australia

Law Enforcement Keynote: International Case Study

Special Agent Mark Marik
United States Secret Service

Detective David Dunn
Seattle Police Department
Law Enforcement at the eCrime Frontier
12:45 Lunch

Does eCrime Need Its Own 10-Code?
A proposal for a program to develop definitions for eCrimes and identify variants so identifiers can be used to share data internationally

Pat Cain
14:20 APWG Roundtable: Potential issues in Malicious Use and Abuse of the DNS Created or Exacerbated by the New gTLD Expansion
Rod Rasmussen
Internet Identity

Dave Piscitello
Cristine Hoepers
Ben Butler
Greg Aaron
Dr. Barbara Endicott-Popovsky
University of Washington

15:00 Case Study: Private Domain Registrations at The Notorious 3.F.N.
Dave Piscitello
The Domain Name System and eCrime
15:30 Break

Burn Before Reading: A Stealthy Framework for Combating Forensics Examinations

Mina Guirguis, Jason Valdez, Bassam El Lababedi, Joseph Valdez
Texas State University, USA
eCrime Researchers Summit
Peer-Reviewed Research

Improving Phishing Countermeasures: An Analysis of Expert Interviews

Steve Sheng, Ponnurangam Kumaraguru, Alessandro Acquisti, Lorrie Cranor, Jason Hong
Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Discovery, Infiltration, and Denial of Service in a Process Control System Wireless Network

Bradley Reaves, Thomas Morris
Mississippi State University, USA

Identifying Vulnerable Websites by Analysis of Common Strings in Phishing URLs

Brad Wardman, Gary Warner
University of Alabama Birmingham, USA


19:00 Tuesday night we will assemble just down the street from the hotel at The Varsity Grill. Dinner and entertainment provided by local musician Vicci Martinez will start cocktails at 7:00PM and dinner at 8:00PM.
  Wednesday, October 21  
08:30 Registration Desk Opens / Breakfast    

An APWG Proposal: A Collaborative Research Center for Electronic Crime Response Research

Randy Vaughn
Baylor University
Gary Warner
University of Alabama at Birmingham
eCRS 2.0: A Proposal for an NSF CRC for eCrime
09:20 IPC Research and Policy Review
Rod Rasmussen
IPC Co-Chair
Dr. Laura Mather
SilverTail Systems
IPC Co-Chair

The APWG Internet Policy Committee
09:50 Website Vulnerabilities to be Commandeered as Phish Site
Ebrima Ceesay
Booz Allen Hamilton
John LaCour

10:20 The Abusive Domain Name Resolution Suspension Process Program
Peter Cassidy

10:40 Break

Phishing Detection using Classifier Ensembles

Fergus Toolan, Joe Carthy
University College Dublin, Ireland
eCrime Researchers Summit
Peer-Reviewed Research (Continued)

Exposure to Vulnerabilities through Google Hacking: An Exploratory Study of Four Different Countries

Onook Oh, Rajarshi Chakraborty, Raghav Rao, Shambhu Upadhyaya
University at Buffalo, USA

A Novel Anti-Phishing Framework Based On Honeypots

Roland Schmitz,
Stuttgart Media University,
Federal Republic of Germany
Shujun Li,
University of Konstanz,
Federal Republic of Germany

Why Do Users Trust The Wrong Messages? A Behavioural Model of Phishing

Paul Watters
University of Ballarat,
Victoria, Australia
12:40 Lunch

Humboldt: A Distributed Phishing Disruption System

Paul Knickerbocker, Dongting Yu, Jun Li
University of Oregon, USA

Establishing Phishing Provenance Using Orthographic Features

Liping Ma, John Yearwood, Paul Watters
University of Ballarat,
Victoria, Australia
14:25 APWG Roundtable:
Problem Statement: Articulating the Enduring eCrime Challenges and Research Approaches to Engage Them
Randy Vaughn
Baylor University

Laura Mather, PhD
SilverTail Systems, APWG
Gary Warner
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Pat Cain
Joe St. Sauver
University of Oregon
15:30 Closing Announcements and Awards
Foy Shiver
19:30 Night Out with the APWG: Attendees staying over in Tacoma Wednesday night are invited to join the APWG for our traditional end of conference night out. This get together will be held at a secret location to be announced during the closing session.