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  Wednesday, October 15
08:00 Registration and Breakfast
09:00 Welcome IEEE / APWG Inauguration of eCrime Researchers Summit

Human Factors and eCrime

09:15   Phishing and MySpace
Shing Yin Khor
Fox Interactive Media (MySpace)
09:45   User Concerns:
Behavioral Targeting vs User Choice

Craig Spiezle
10:15   Defending the User:
New Approaches to Anti-Phishing
D. K. Smetters, Ph.D.
Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)
10:45  Break
eCrime Researchers Summit Poster Presentations will be on display during the break  
11:15   Leveraging the 'Teachable Moment': APWG/CMU Phishing Education Landing Page Program
Dr. Lorrie Faith Cranor
Carnegie Mellon University
Dr. Laura Mather
Kestrel Systems, Inc.
APWG Director of Operations and APWG Internet Policy Committee Co-Chair
11:45   Programming the Human Firewall: Precision Messaging and Consumer Education
Michael Kaiser
National Cyber Security Alliance
12:15   Mule Fool Proposal:
Public Education on the Dangers of Money Muling

Phil Hallam-Baker
12:45  Lunch
14:00   Human Factors and eCrime Roundtable
Shing Yin Khor
Dave Piscatello
Lorrie Faith Cranor
Craig Spiezle
Laura Mather
D.K. Smetters
Michael Kaiser
Phil Hallam-Baker

14:45   IODEF Extensions: A Lingua Franca for Communicating and Processing Electronic Crime Reports
Pat Cain
CooperCain, Inc. and APWG Resident Research Fellow

The Infrastructure Report

15:15   The Phantom Menace:
Untraceable Registrars
Garth Bruen

Chris Barton
15:45  Break
eCrime Researchers Summit Poster Presentations will be on display during the break  
16:15   Game-Changing Legislation for Abusive Domains: Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act of 2008
Ben Butler

The Industrial Policy Report

16:45   Report on DNS Abuse Remediation:
Accelerated Domain Suspension Process for Registries

APWG Internet Policy Working Group

Rod Rasmussen
Internet Identity
Dr. Laura Mather
Kestrel Systems, Inc.
Mike Rodenbaugh
Rodenbaugh Law
17:05   Global Phishing Survey: Domain Name Use and Trends in 1H2008
Greg Aaron

Rod Rasmussen
Internet Identity
17:30 Birds of a Feather Sessions Institutional Data Sharing (By invitation)
    Consumer Education Initiatives and Anti-Muling Programs
Aimee Larsen Kirkpatrick
National Cyber Security Alliance

Phil Hallam-Baker
  eCrime Researchers Summit Poster Presentations
Susceptibility to Phishing Risk and False Alarms
J Downs, M Holbrook, L Cranor
Do Data Breach Disclosure Laws Reduce Identity Theft?
Sasha Romanosky, Rahul Telang, Alessandro Acquisti
Helping Phishing Volunteers Make a Bigger Dent
Hong Pendleton
18:15 Conclusion of eCrime Researchers Summit Day One programmed content
19:30 Gala Dinner Please join us for dinner, networking and presentation of this years Best Paper Award for our eCrime Researchers Summit.
Thursday, October 16
08:00 Breakfast
09:00   Lessons From a Real World Evaluation of Anti-Phishing Training
Ponnurangam Kumaraguru, Steve Sheng, Alessandro Acquisti, Lorrie Cranor,
Jason Hong

Carnegie Mellon University

eCrime Researchers Summit
Peer-Reviewed Research

09:30   Internet Situation Awareness
Malte Hesse, Norbert Pohlmann
Gelsenkirchen University of Applied Sciences
10:00   Practice & Prevention of Home-Router Mid-Stream Injection Attacks
Steven Myers
Indiana University at Bloomington
Sid Stamm
Indiana University at Bloomington
10:30  Break
eCrime Researchers Summit Poster Presentations will be on display during the break  
11:00   Testing and Results of Antiphishing Toolbar Performance
Steve Sheng
Carnegie Mellon University
11:30   The consequence of non-cooperation in the fight against phishing
Tyler Moore
Center for Research on Computation and Society
Harvard University
Richard Clayton
Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge
12:00   A Distributed Architecture for Phishing Detection using Bayesian
Additive Regression Trees

Saeed Abu-Nimeh, Dario Nappa, Xinlei Wang, Suku Nair
Southern Methodist University
12:30   Legal Risks For Phishing Researchers
Christopher Soghoian
Berkman Center for Internet & Society
13:00  Lunch
14:15   Automating Phishing Website Identification Through Deep MD5 Matching
Brad Wardman, Gary Warner
University of Alabama at Birmingham
14:45   Evolutionary Study of Phishing
Danesh Irani, Steve Webb, Jonathon Giffin, Calton Pu
Georgia Institute of Technology
15:15   Panel: Forensic Aspects of eCrime Research That Distinguish the Discipline from Conventional IT Security
Gary Warner

Lawrence Baldwin
16:00 Closing Commets, presentation of Best Paper Award and announcements for the 2009 eCrime Researchers Summit